Tomorrow – A Short Story


Have you ever wondered about the creature of Sterling? The giant and horrific thing that sank ships and drowned foolish youth? Bea didn’t care about stories like that. The creature was all but a legend. No one had seen it in decades. Bea only cared about finding a quiet place to hide from her emotions. She did not expect to be drawn into a forbidden and dangerous romance with a sea monster.

Tomorrow is an erotic sea monster romance. User discretion is advised.

There are no triggers.

Edited by Guinevere Jordan

Sterling was a small, quiet seaside town that sat nestled north of the Pacific. The townspeople all knew each other, and they all knew of the creature that lived in the bay. Mostly, it didn’t bother anyone, but whenever a fishing boat drifted a little too close to its territory, people went missing. Some daredevils tried hunting the monster to bring in as a trophy, but most came back empty-handed or they didn’t come back at all. The beach and cliffside that the beast called home were soon abandoned, save for a few teens who liked to drink and smoke during low tide, and Bea.

Bea was a woman in her mid-twenties with the responsibility of caring for her three younger siblings, Trevor, Lani, and June. They were good kids most of the time, but some nights she had to get away before she said something she couldn’t take back. During an argument with Lani, Bea left their seaside home in nothing but her sundress and flip-flops. It was not warm enough for a sundress and flip-flops, especially in the evening. She kicked off her shoes on the deserted beach and let the ice cold water lick at her ankles. She knew of the monster, but she didn’t care. It had hurt no one since she was a child. She stepped a little further out and saw the water ripple in the dark. Narrowing her eyes, she inched closer without realizing it.

Green bioluminescence bloomed under the surface at least twenty feet across. She stumbled back quickly, trying not to fall into the water as the waves crashed harder and taller with every step she took. “I’m sorry,” she cried out as she fell in the surf and the creature dragged its body onto the land. Glowing green eyes blinked at her as his arms caged her in.

Are you?” he asked and smiled, showing his many razor-sharp teeth.
She closed her eyes and tried not to think about leaving her siblings orphaned again. Cold sea water dripped on her and she felt him sniff her. When she chanced a look, he was backing into the water. Her body trembled, and she didn’t know if it was from the cold or from him. Once he sank beneath the surface, she scrambled to her feet and ran home.
Page Break
It took Bea a week before she was buying an extra chicken from her job and making her way to the beach while June, the oldest kid, finished up dinner. She kicked off her shoes once again and stepped into the surf. “This is stupid,” she whispered to herself. Carefully, she walked until the water glowed bright green. He rose faster this time, and she held up the plucked bird with her eyes closed. “For you.” Her voice shook, and she chanced a look at him.

His face moved in close to the bird, and he sniffed. A tentacle shot out of the water and ripped it from her hands. She cried out in shock and his head tilted to one side. 

What do you want?” he asked.

Bea stared in astonishment when he addressed her this time. She knew she should still be afraid, and she was, but her fear was being pushed aside by her curiosity. “You’re really… real,” she gasped.

The sea monster turned his back to her and returned to the ocean. His glowing form moved toward the rocks and she quickly followed, trying her best not to cut her feet on the rough stones. When she was a little too far from shore, she looked into the black water and saw those green eyes staring back. She couldn’t believe it. She got to meet the sea monster and survive to tell the tale. She glanced at the beach for a moment and realized that she couldn’t and shouldn’t tell anyone about him. More people could go missing. When she looked forward again, he was towering over her with his black hands on the rocks.

Here to hunt me?” he asked coldly, and she shook her head, unable to speak. “Then what?

She bit her lip as she tried to form a complete sentence. “Let’s be friends,” she said instead of the million other things she wanted to say.

Friends?” his voice lowered and so did his body.

“Yeah, what’s your name? I’m Bea.” She smiled at him and all the fear she should have felt left her.

Bea…” he said her name softly and sank until just his head and neck were above water. “I am Wis,” he said with a nod. Sparks of green shot through the water and she stared. “Careful,” he warned as she leaned forward to see his tentacles just below the surface. Bea leapt back and watched him laugh.

“Not funny,” she sighed and sat on the rocks.

Thank you for the meat, Bea,” he smiled at her and sank back into the water.

Bea let him leave her, but she sat on the rocks until the moon was just overhead and then she returned home to her sleeping siblings. She cleaned the dishes and put away the leftovers before sitting at the table and having dinner herself.
Bea sat on the rocks in front of a rising tide, staring out at the horizon as the moon sat on the water. She sighed at the dark water and listened to cars driving above every few minutes. The water was calm there at the moment, but she was putting a lot of trust in nature’s unforgiving hands by sitting underneath a cliff face. It was already late, and her dress was damp from the trek. “I know you’re there,” she whispered, kicking the water with bare feet. The cold pricked over her skin, but she kept her feet there. She glanced at the deserted beach and hoped she put her shoes far enough inland that the tide wouldn’t take them. When she faced the water, two glowing green orbs were staring back. “Hey,” she smiled and pushed some loose strands of dark, curly hair behind her ear.

Why are you back?” the sea monster asked. The water rippled around his body as he carefully lifted himself out of the water. Well, partly out of the water. He was massive and terrifyingly beautiful. His black hands rested on the rocks as he laid on a pale stomach. A mass of tentacles spilled onto the rocks and one wrapped curiously around her calf.

“The same reason you are,” Bea hummed and reached into the tote she had brought to the rocks. “Here, Wis,” she said, offering a raw chicken to him, and he tilted his head to meet her eyes.

For me?” Wis asked slowly. He moved closer to her, dripping cold seawater on her. One of the many tentacles took the chicken from her hands and he closed his eyes as the suckers tasted the meal. “Thanks,” he said, moving back into the water as the chicken went into his mouth.

“That’s all?” she asked, standing up as the sea monster stopped sinking, with just his eyes exposed. His ink black hair spilled into his face and spread underwater. “You’re not gonna stay and talk?” She crossed her arms over her chest. She had assumed that offering food would earn her more time with him. Next time, she’d have to bring a larger offering.

Talk?” He tilted his chin to look at her. “Why?” The green in his eyes was almost fluorescent and made him look like a neon sign.

“Because”—she sat back down—“I’m so curious about you.” Bea grinned and pushed more hair out of her face and back into her bun.

Why are your teeth flat?” Wis asked, opening his mouth to show her all the sharp teeth inside.

“Humans have flat teeth,” she said, dipping her feet into the water and instantly his suckers were climbing her leg. “Have you always lived in this bay?” she asked, petting the tentacle on her thigh. It was smooth and not slimy like she initially thought.

I have. You’re new, though.” He watched her push his limb away to keep it from going any higher. He did not fight her shove and let it hug her knee instead. “Your kind only has four arms?” He frowned, placing his hand on the rock beside her.

“Only four,” she nodded, staring at his webbed hand.

He stayed quiet for a bit, squeezing and tasting her skin. He licked his lips when he noticed salt on her skin. “How do you feel... things?” he asked and watched her laugh.

“With my skin,” she touched his hand with her own and he looked down.

Can you taste?” he asked, showing himself to be more curious than her.

Bea stuck out her tongue. “Yes. Here,” she said and closed her mouth. 
Wis also stuck out his tongue. 

Her expression fell, and when he licked her cheek, she was warm. “Wis?” she squeaked, and he closed his mouth.

You taste good,” he smiled and felt the pulse in her leg speed up. “Did I scare you?” he asked, knowing his prey always had quickened heartbeats when he trapped them. She wasn’t his prey, but he hoped to draw her to him even more.

“No,” she blurted out. “I’m not afraid,” she breathed with a small smile.

Good.” His smile had her inching closer and closer until she fell in the water. “Bea,” he said her name as she came up for air, gasping.

“Oh, god.” She shivered and swam to the rocks, but his hand wrapped around her waist and lifted her back to her seat. She stared at him, breathing hard, trying to calm the shivers. “How do you live in water so cold?” Her teeth chattered anyway.

I’ve always lived here.” He watched her as she carefully got to her feet. His tentacle slid from her leg, leaving no suction cup marks behind. “Tomorrow?” he asked, and she stopped to face him.

That time when Bea sat on the rocks, she had a twenty-pound turkey in her bag. Not that she needed it. The sea monster seemed to like her company. She dipped her toes in the cold water and waited for him. Something touched her foot, and she looked into the water. There was enough light between the moon and the town above that she could see just below the surface of the water.

Wis breached the surface and sat a handful of clams and mussels beside her. 

“What’s all this?” she asked, feeling his tentacles wrap around both of her legs.

Food,” he said without looking at her, but another tentacle touched her chin and she faced him.

“But I brought you food,” she chuckled, and he looked at her. Heat rushed to her face, and the tentacle suctioned to her cheek. She gasped. “Um, Wis. That’s my face.” She gave another laugh, and he released her face and let the limb hang limp over her shoulder and down her chest and torso. She inhaled deep, taking in the salty air, then she took the turkey out of her bag and slid the shellfish in. The tentacle on her chest flexed as she turned to hand him his meal.

Thanks,” he said and sank below the surface, still holding onto her legs and still pressing against her chest.

She touched the tentacle on her chest and rubbed the smooth black skin. It rose slightly, and she stuck her finger in a sucker, and it attached. She squeaked and looked down into the dark water. The sucker let go, and curious, she placed her palm against it. “That feels weird,” she whispered before bringing it back to her body, like a hug.

I liked that,” Wis said, pushing his hair back.

Me too, Bea thought, watching him. She looked at his hand and held out her own. “I just want to hold your hand,” she told him when his head cocked to the side. He touched his pale palm to her hand, and she stared. With her fingers spread wide, her hand was still smaller than his palm.
He closed those long fingers over her hand and her pulse spiked. The tentacle on her chest pressed against her cleavage and sucked to her skin. Her heart raced faster.

Why does your heart beat so fast?” he asked, still holding her hand.

“You.” She stared at him, unable to tear away her gaze. He pulled back and released her hand. “No.” She held onto the tentacle as it tried to retreat. “No, I like you,” she said softer.

We are so different.” Wis brought his face down to her level, and she looked at his high cheekbones and defined jaw. She looked at his lips and wondered what a kiss from him would be like.

“So? We get along, don’t we?” she asked, touching his enormous face, and he closed his eyes.

You are so small,” he chuckled and turned to lick her palm.

She cupped his face in both hands and pulled him close to her. “I’m fun-sized.” She smiled and kissed him briefly, not knowing if his kind even kissed. He stared at her a moment, blinked, and then kissed her again. She was smiling against his lips until his thick tongue pressed into her mouth. He tasted like iron and the sea. A moan left her throat, and it was his turn to smile. Heat filled her core as she imagined where else he could stick his tongue. She pulled his lip with her finger, and he pulled back. She smiled at him and pulled her dress over her head.

What are these?” His tongue slid over stiff nipples and she let her head fall back. His tentacles moved up her legs and around her waist. She moaned when he sucked on her breast, so small in his mouth. A tentacle replaced his mouth and squeezed around both breasts tightly and sucked onto her nipples.

“More?” Bea all but begged, and Wis tasted her entire body. He lifted her off the rocks and when his tongue met her wet heat, she moaned again. Those green eyes looked up for a moment before he closed his jaws around her, making her writhe and squirm. He enjoyed using his mouth on her, but he wanted to watch her beautiful form, too. He pulled back after she went slack and watched the rise and fall of her chest.

“More, Bea?” he asked, letting his tentacle stroke between her legs. It tempted him to mate with her. Maybe next time. He wanted her to come back for more. Not to scare her off their first time together.

“Please,” she breathed. His tentacle pressed inside her, and he smiled at the breathy and desperate sounds she made.

Bea moved her hips with him. She loved feeling full and loved that it was him, her sea monster.

Wis was holding her up with a tentacle around her waist and his hand supporting her head and back. He noticed her breasts turning a little too pink, and he loosened his grip on them. He brought her close to his face, and she reached for him. She kissed his nose and his lips and then cried out when he pressed into her ass. He hesitated until she kissed him, and then he moved his tentacles inside her. Her head fell back, and he pulled back to watch her come undone.

Pleasure slid from her in long tendrils and his tentacles told him she was sweet and a little musky. He turned her body so he could see her face and he touched her lip with a claw and watched her tongue shoot out. She grinned and his own heart thundered in his chest. He ran his claw gently over her body and felt her squeeze around his tentacles inside her.

When she felt herself running on empty, she asked him to stop. He did. “All done, Bea?” he asked her exhausted form and removed his tentacles from her. 

“Yes,” Bea breathed, pushing herself to a sitting position on his palms. She still felt stretched and open and a feral part of her mind wanted to stay with him in the ice cold ocean, but she knew she couldn’t. “Can I have one more kiss?” she asked, and he nuzzled her, then kissed her.

Will I see you tomorrow?” he asked. He picked up her things and held them above the water as he swam with her to the shore.

Gently, he placed her feet on the sand and she held onto his fingers for balance. “Two days,” she said, taking her things from him and slipping on her dress. She needed time to recover from such an outer worldly experience.

Okay, Bea.” Wis gave her a smile, and she kissed his salty fingertips, then left.
When Bea returned home, she tried her best to clean herself up and prepare the kids breakfast before they woke up. She didn’t expect June to already be awake and watching T.V. so early. “Where were you, Bea?” she asked without turning her head and Bea continued mixing pancake batter.

“None of your business,” Bea said in as playful a tone as she could. She had seen some of the bruising on her body when she’d showered and knew she’d look awful in a few hours. She felt great, though—greater than great. She wanted to dance through the kitchen, but June was sitting on the couch.

“Really? Well, Trevor has been coughing all night. I couldn’t find the thermometer,” June said, pushing off of the couch to face her sister.
“It’s in the medicine cabinet,” Bea said, feeling her brows furrow. She looked down the hall and heard her sister gasp.

“What happened?” June pointed to her neck, and Bea covered the bruises with her hands.

“Nothing!” Bea’s voice was too high and too defensive. “Seriously, nothing. It’s fine,” she said, turning down the hall, but the teen caught her arm.

“Is some guy hitting you?” June whispered, looking at the round marks slowly bleed together into a giant bruise.

“No. No one is hitting me, I…” Bea scrambled for an excuse for the bruising that didn’t involve her admitting she had sex with a sea monster. “I fell at the beach. I was climbing on the rocks because I thought I saw something… It’s stupid, I know.” She sighed and hoped it sounded convincing.

June eyed her for a long time before finally asking, “Why were you on the beach?”

“It’s relaxing.” Bea smiled. “Okay, start getting ready for school. I’ll go check on Trevor before I finish breakfast,” she told June and shooed her out of the kitchen. When she was alone, Bea rubbed her face and sighed. She couldn’t go anywhere with those bruises on her neck. She checked on her baby brother and made him sit up and take flu medicine. Then she dug through her makeup and began covering the marks Wis had left behind.
The sea monster waited near the rocks every evening for his Bea, but she didn’t come back. For weeks, he cursed himself for being too rough with such a delicate creature. He had hurt her, and she was too afraid of him to say anything. He punched at the cliff and heard a splash. When he looked up, he saw a familiar pair of legs. Pushing off the seafloor and swimming up in front of his Bea, he smiled at her shocked form.

“Wis,” she gasped, and he gently lifted her to the rocks.

Are you okay?” Wis looked her over, but she looked just as lovely as he remembered. She wrapped her hands around his fingers and smiled at him.

“I’m so happy to see you.” She was grinning from ear to ear. The water had warmed up a bit as summer began and she, thankfully, wasn’t shivering. “I’m sorry for not coming around, um…” she swallowed. “You left some bruises, and that really scared my family. Also, my little brother got sick. It was a lot,” she said with a shy smile and he stared.

She had a family. “I’m sorry, Bea,” he said, and she shook her head.

“It’s fine. They let it go after I convinced them I wasn’t being abused.” She leaned closer, pressing her body to his knuckles. “Quite the opposite,” she said with a grin.

Wis smiled and pressed his claw under her chin gently. “Tell me about your family,” he whispered, watching her bite her lip. Bea would make for an excellent mate. She was pretty and delicate. She fit in the palm of his hands. She liked him and she made his heart beat faster like hers did for him.

Bea talked about her siblings. Her parents weren’t in the picture. She took care of her teen sisters and young brother. She mentioned she worked in a grocery store. “What about you? Any family?” she asked, staring into those massive green eyes.

My species is solitary. Once we’re big enough to hunt, our mothers leave,” Wis said calmly. He rubbed his thumb against her cheek and she closed her eyes.

“You don't mind me ruining your solitary life?”

He shook his head from side to side then dunked his body under the water for a moment. “I want you as my mate,” he said and watched her features bunch in confusion.

“What do you mean, Wis? How would that work?” Bea asked, holding in her own nervous laughter. She watched his face as he looked up at the stars and then back at her.

I want you all to myself,” he admitted, and she stood up straight, but didn’t move.

“I can’t live in the ocean and you can’t live on land,” Bea whispered and watched him retreat. “Wis,” she said his name firmly, and he stopped.

I’m sorry. It’s a silly wish.” He gave a nervous laugh, and she waved him closer.

“No, it’s not.” Bea sighed, reaching for his hand. He let her wrap her fingers around his and he closed his eyes. “How does your species mate if you’re solitary?” she asked.

Wis pushed his hand forward to brush her face gently as he processed his own emotions. The others would call him defective if they knew he lived so close to the humans because he cared for one of them. “They just breed and leave, but I don’t want to just breed with you,” he said, feeling her skin grow warmer.

“Breeding, huh?” she laughed. “I don’t think we’re compatible in that way.” Bea was infertile. She was only born with one ovary and lost the other to a tumor.

Oh, no. I just mean…” he rose out of the water so that she could see his shimmering form. Sparks of bright green shot across his body. His squirming tentacles parted to show his cock, and her mouth fell open.

“Oh,” she smirked and met his eyes. “Well, in that case I don’t mind coming here as often as I can to be with you, Wis,” she said honestly and smiled when he brought his face close to hers. “Maybe, one day, when my siblings are all independent, I’ll get a boat and we can be together in the ocean,” she said thoughtfully.

Wis kissed her, ecstatic that she was even considering being his mate. He didn’t care about offspring, he just wanted her to be his and want him as hers in return. He pulled back as she stepped out of her dress, and he lifted her up and pushed away from the rocks. He floated on his back and brought her wet heat to his mouth. This time, he was more gentle. He didn’t squeeze as hard, and he didn’t suction to her skin completely.

He let his teeth graze her belly and back, which sent pleasure pulsing through her. Then his tongue pressed inside and she looked up at the stars. Her moans turned him on, her squeezing around his tongue made him wish she was squeezing his cock. He wanted to please her; he wanted her to come. She was begging for more and before he lifted her out of his mouth, he licked and devoured her ass too. She laid in his palm like a sacrifice to the heavens as she moaned and begged for his tentacles or his cock. He didn’t make her choose. He filled her with his cock and pressed a tentacle into her ass.

An orgasm filled her core soon after he started moving and she moaned his name over and over. “Faster, Wis,” she breathed. He moved faster, pushing into her as far as he could. He watched her blissful expression for any signs of discomfort. If he was to keep her as his mate, he needed her to be happy. She smiled wide with her eyes closed and bit the tentacle touching her lip. His eyes fluttered at the sensation.

Bite me again.” He moved the limb, so the middle was on her lips, and she opened her eyes halfway and bit him. It was his turn to moan, and it made the water around them ripple. She licked where she bit him and then bit him again. Her teeth weren’t sharp nor her bite strong, but that pinch of pain sent pleasure through that limb to his core. Normally, he didn’t have to think about where his limbs were, but he did this time, as his mind fogged the closer he got to his orgasm. Bea screamed and then grinned, pulling her arms over her head. She came again, and even though it was his goal, he was getting jealous by how many times she got to orgasm. The jealousy was short-lived because, moments later, he was filling her to the brim.

“Oh, my god,” Bea moaned and let her body fall limp in his grasp.

Bea,” he said her name in a panic, but then she groaned. He watched the rise and fall of her chest, and then she laughed. The sound was bubbly and cute. He sighed with relief that he hadn’t hurt her. 

“You should have asked me to be your mate sooner, Wis.” She kicked one leg playfully, and he pulled her off of his cock. He placed her on his chest and she went to her knees and then her stomach and rubbed her face on his sternum.

"I was afraid you'd say, no," Wis whispered, rubbing circles into her back. He heard a crack and his fingers froze. He let out a small, concerned squeak and watched her sigh.

“Oh, I needed that.” She grunted and stretched her arms. He blew out a lung full of air and resumed rubbing her back even more gently. “How could I say no to you? You’re amazing.” She smiled. They floated for a couple of hours before returning to shore.

Tomorrow?” he asked with just his face above the surface.

“Tomorrow,” she smiled and returned to the dry land for the day.


J. M. Jordan 2022

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