Monster House

Isadora “Isa” Vargas is an orphan trying to navigate her unique abilities. She attracts the wrath of school children and the distrust of adults as she grows up looking mostly human, but not entirely. She finds herself in the elite Ursa Academy by an anonymous sponsor. By the time she turns eighteen, she's found by a set of beautiful twins who tell her of the Monster House. They promise her answers and understanding, but more so, they promise a place to live after graduation. When she reads that humans aren't allowed, all the doubt she had comes to the forefront of her mind. She's not human.

Isa meets many monsters along the way some kind, some scary, all are amazing to her. She falls deeply in love with a monster named Mordecai and life is going well for her. She gets the acceptance that she always wanted, but she's still a danger magnet and risks her own life for the sake of holding on to any sense of normalcy.

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J. M. Jordan 2022

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