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Hello and happy Saturday. This evening I want to talk a little bit about what’s going on with my writing and some small accomplishments. I have quite the menagerie of animals running around my home at any given time and I spent this Saturday deep cleaning half of them. I build a lid for my tortoise table and didn’t bleed once when the hardware mesh jabbed me in my finger tips. Then, while working on the lid I noticed that my little tortoise had woken up from his brumation (very similar to hibernation). So, it is safe to say I am feeling great today!

As far as writing goes I am still writing. I will have the paperback of Monster House available soon on Amazon. The two book’s I’m working on currently aren’t quite done, but they are getting there. One is an untitled zombie romance and the other is an untitled elven botany revenge piece. Say that three times fast. The zombie story was originally going to be released on Halloween 2021, but was put on hold while I worked on publishing Monster House and writing my nanowrimo piece which, is shaping up to be a novel as well. The untitled zombie story will be released sometime in October 2022. The elven story doesn’t have a release goal yet, but it is getting there. Definitely join my newsletter to get more updates, excerpts, and preorder links.

Lastly, I want to leave you with this. I love writing and have since I was eight years old. I use to only write for myself and now I write for you. I appreciate every one of you who took the time to read this. If you have a moment, comment what you’re having for dinner tonight. I’m having pan fried salmon with a side of smothered potatoes.

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